Wine Doctor Classic 2 stoppers

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Sad Reality: Wine loses its flavor and aroma when left uncorked poorly-sealed or when too much air is pumped out.

Your Savior: The Wine Doctor Kit pumps out the precise amount of oxygen without robbing your wine of its natural flavor and aroma. It lets you know when you've reached the correct sealing point-- and alerts your when it's time to refresh the seal.

How it Works:

The Wine Doctor's Intelli-Stopper features a built-in red indicator that takes the guesswork out of keeping your wine fresh. With just a few pumps the red indicator disappears letting you know your wine is safe. When the indicator begins to reappear it's time to pump again -- or have another drink.

  • True-Seal Technology prevents oxygen from leaking into the bottle after the seal is made
  • Triple O-rings create three airtight sealing points
  • Interior check-valve adds another barrier to the threat of outside oxygen
Product dimensions9.8 x 3 x 9.8 inches
Packaging optionGift box
Use & Care GuideHand washing recommended


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Wine Doctor Classic 2 stoppers

Wine Doctor Classic 2 stoppers

Enjoy a glass of wine day after day without it going bed with the The Wine Doctor-- the better wine preserver.

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