Yaxell Japanese Damascus Knife - SUPER GOU 161 Layers - 3.25in Parer



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SUPER GOU 3.25in Paring Knife by Yaxell. 161-layer Japanese, high carbon, Damascus blade with 15 degree cutting angle and red/black Canvas-Micarta handle.

Made in Seki, Japan since 1932, the Yaxell is a major knife supplier that has contributed to the advancement of knife technology, supplying superior quality kitchen knives to hotel and restaurant chefs around the world. These knifes are now available to discerning home chefs.

These Japanese, high-carbon steel, multi-layered (clad) blades feature ultra hard, micro-carbide SG2 steel cores clad with 160 alternating layers of steel that are heated, hammered and carefully ground to create the "Damascus" style blade. The blades undergo a repetitive process of kiln heating and ice tempering to reach HRC 63.

The blade edges features a 70/30 grind ratio to aid in the release of food and a steep 15-degree cutting angle for slicing and re-sharpening ease. 

Solid forged 18/10 stainless steel ingots semalessly connect the blade to the Japanese, D-style handle that is finished with extremely durable, water resistant and odorless red/black canvas-micarta and secured with three stainless steel rivets. Left-handed or right-handed, the handle affords each user their preferred grip. The grip is engraved with the trademark "Gou" meaning "The Superb."

Each knife is hand polished and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Product dimensions3.25in
Packaging optionGift box
Use & Care GuideHand washing recommended


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Yaxell Japanese Damascus Knife - SUPER GOU 161 Layers - 3.25in Parer

Yaxell Japanese Damascus Knife - SUPER GOU 161 Layers - 3.25in Parer

SUPER GOU 3.25in Paring Knife made in Seki, Japan. Ultra hard, micro-carbide SG2 steel core enveloped by 160 layers of steel. Exceptionally hard (HRC 63) and long lasting cutting edge with 15 degree angle. Water-resistant, red/black Canvas-Micarta handles.

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