Jokari Fizz Keeper Pump Cap



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Those big jugs of soda make sense economically, but if you don't drink it often enough the beverage can go flat after the initial opening. This pump cap repressurizes the bottle to preserve the fizz. This simple device is just over three inches tall and screws onto your soda bottle's neck replacing the existing cap. By repeatedly pumping the simple piston until the sides of the plastic bottle (it's not for use with glass bottles) you create an airtight seal and equalize the internal pressure

  • Repressurizes plastic bottles keeping soft drinks from going flat!
  • Fits standard size plastic bottles 1 15 and 2 liters
QuantityPriceYou Save
3 $3.74 Up to $3.74
Product dimensions1.75 in Diameter x 3 in Tall
MaterialABS Plastic
Packaging optionCarded
Use & Care GuideDishwasher safe


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Jokari Fizz Keeper Pump Cap

Jokari Fizz Keeper Pump Cap

Re-pressurizes plastic soft drink bottles and keeps drinks from going flat for weeks.

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