Jewels and Spheres Ice Tray

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Each tray set makes:

16 x 1" spheres
7 x 1" diamonds (gem shape)

Package does not offer directions in English (pictures only) so we've provided them for your convenience:

1 Separate the two pieces of the mold

2 Fill the bottom mold to the rim of the mold (not just the wells) with distilled water. Tap water will be less clear.

3 Holding the tray over a sink place the top mold over the bottom tray and push it down. Displaced water (from the bottom tray) will fill the entire shape to the top and excess will come out of the air holes.

4 Set your ice ball mold on a level surface in your freezer. If the mold is tilted water will leak out and you will not have a full ball once it is frozen.

5 Allow the mold to set undisturbed for 3-5 hours or until frozen (usually twice as long as standard cubes).

6 Once completely frozen, separate the two parts of the tray. The ice balls may stick to the mold so be careful when attempting to remove the ice balls. If they do get stuck run some cold water over the mold to release.

7 Ice rocks can be stored in a freezer bag or bowl in the freezer until needed.


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Jewels and Spheres Ice Tray

Jewels and Spheres Ice Tray

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