Wilton 6-Piece Bake Even Strip Set

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Say goodbye to high-rise centers cracked tops and over-cooked edges With easy to use Wilton Bake Even strips you don t have to settle for anything less than perfection Just dampen our strips and wrap around the pan before baking The moisture in the strips keeps the edges of the pan cooler for perfectly level and deliciously moist cakes every time! No leveling means no wasted cake and icing and decorating are a breeze! Oven safe instructions included

Three easy steps:

  • Measure: Fit the dry Bake-Even strip around the pan and thread the strip through the fabric loop Strips can be used in combination to fit larger sized pans
  • Soak: Remove pan and run strip under cold water to wet- for best results soak the strip in a bowl of ice/cold water for 5 minutes Remove excess water but do not wring
  • Cinch: Place strip on the counter and put pan inside Cinch to tighten Add batter- bake as directed


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Wilton 6-Piece Bake Even Strip Set

Wilton 6-Piece Bake Even Strip Set

Bake moist. level cakes every time with no crowns. cracked tops or crusty edges.

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