1. Adjustable Bagel Holder

Adjustable Bagel Slicer

Slice bagels for perfect bagel sandwiches or create mouth-watering bagel chips. You can get thin bagel slices easily the way you wanted.

2. Farm Animal Lid Lifter

Farm Animal Lid Lifter

They keep pot lids vented just enough to prevent the sizzle an hiss of a pot boiling over. 

3. Taco Press

Taco Press

Why make your taco shell out of corn, when you can hammer a round steak flat, season and bread it, then put it in this and make it into a taco shell?

4. Recipe Rock

Recipe Rock

No longer have to worry about getting water, oil or whatever ingredient you may be cooking with on your recipes again.

5. Jalapeno Corer

Jalapeno Corer

If you like stuffed jalapeno peppers you need one of these. This tool makes seeding the jalapenos the easiest job ever, hands no longer burn for hours after cleaning jalapenos.

6. Kale & Greens Stripper

Kale & Green Stripper

That whole experience of hand stripping the leaf from the stem that usually takes what seems like forever - reduced to next to nothing. This simple gadget with holes speeds up time-consuming prep tasks.

7. Heat Diffuser

Heat Diffuser

If you have ever had problem adjusting the flame of your stovetop low enough to warm or gently simmer sauces and soups, then you will need this heat diffuser. 

8. All Clad 3-In-1 Pot Holder

3-In-1 Pot Holder

A trivet. A pot holder. A hot handle holder. This unique Pot Holder from All-Clad has a heat resistant silicone strips on both sides and a sleeve at the center to be used as a hot handle holder. 

9. The Smoking Gun

The Smoking Gun

The Smoking Gun makes your kitchen and bar creations appealing and unique. There are virtually no other methods that allow you to make such big flavor and aroma differences so easily. The Smoking Gun offers an alternative to traditional smoking methods. 

10. Cherry Tomato Slicer

Cherry Tomato Slicer

Slice through 6-8 cherry tomatoes without the need for a knife and cutting board. This tool is perfect for salad. tomato is cut evenly and beautifully --in about a second