Kyocera 5.5-Inch Santoku Knife Revolution Series



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For slicing fruits vegetables and boneless meats a Kyocera advanced ceramic knife has no equal. This black santoku knife is ideal for a wide variety of cutting tasks from fine chopping to dicing. Ceramic's superior edge retention chemical purity and light weight make it ideal for straight slicing. The strength and density of ceramic materials allow the blade to be ground with microscopic precision by diamond wheels. The result is a razor-sharp blade that retains its original sharpness more than 10 times longer than steel knives.

Ceramic knives are intended to complement - not replace - your other cutlery. Kyocera knives have unique blades made of zirconium oxide which will hold their edge much longer than steel. They will never rust and will not alter the color or taste of food Your Kyocera advanced ceramic knife will bring you many years of trouble-free use when you use as directed. For applications involving twisting and flexing (for carving prying boning cutting frozen foods and slicing cheese) use steel knives. These jobs require a more flexible material than ceramic. Always use your Kyocera ceramic knife for straight cutting on a plastic or wood cutting board Avoid cutting on marble stone glass plates or tile.

All Kyocera ceramic knives are warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for five (5) years after its original purchase date In the event such a defect occurs Kyocera Tycom Corp (andquot-KTCandquot-) will repair or replace the knife (at its discretion) free of charge. This warranty extends only to the knife's original purchaser. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use of the knife or accidental damage to the knife. Small chips or broken tips are not covered by this warranty but can often be corrected by resharpening.

  • Lightweight ultra-sharp 55-inch ceramic utility knife
  • Straight-edge black blade
  • Invincible against acids juices oils salts and will never rust
  • Excellent balance- ergonomic handle designed to reduce fatigue from repetitive use
  • Sharpen with Kycoera electric sharpener or send to Kyocera for complimentary sharpening
  • For your protection the tip and heel of the blade have been safely blunted
  • Hand wash
MaterialAdvanced Ceramic


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Kyocera 5.5-Inch Santoku Knife Revolution Series

Kyocera 5.5-Inch Santoku Knife Revolution Series

Santoku knife ideal for a wide variety of cutting tasks. from fine chopping to dicing.

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